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Haunted Object #4 The Sewing Chair

Updated: 5 days ago

This chair belonged to my great grandfather. It was covered in black leather and stuffed with musty old cotton and straw. It remained just as he'd left it when he was struck by a car and killed in 1935. My father remembered him sitting in this chair and rubbing the front of the armrests with his hands, a nervous habit.

He was only five but he remembered going with his mother to stay with his grandmother in the days after the tragedy. During this time, his grandmother reported that she saw William in his chair, rubbing the armrests.

After we inherited it, my mother and her friend refinished and reupholstered the chair, but it still has a creepy vibe. Once when my daughter was in the room by herself, she heard a loud crash behind her. She turned to see the chair had tipped over sideways onto the drawers.

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