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Haunted Object #3, Teacup

"When my husband and I were planning to marry we did what people did in the mid-1960s: we went to the department store and chose our crystal, china and silver. While there, we decided to each pick out a tea cup that we would use for special occasions. We continued this tradition over the years, and we accumulated 17 teacups in all. Our cups traveled with us from our first apartment, to our rented house, through several moves and finally to our retirement house.

"When I was setting up the china cabinet here, I displayed his first teacup on the shelf where it sat safely behind the glass doors. At some point a few years after my husband’s death, I went to the china cabinet to retrieve something and noticed that the cup was in pieces. All of the other cups were fine. It was really spooky to me, and I left it untouched on the shelf where it still sits today. I’m not certain if there was any kind of message, other than 'remember me.'"

- Story and photo shared with me by a close relative

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